Dear Dawcy is online!

This is big news for me! In 2013 I left Montreal and moved back home to Newfoundland and fell apart. This mystical burn out other designers had warned me about at Quartier Mode. It took five years of self discovery, putting myself back together, reaching out for help, learning about science and the mind body connection and finding my new self and true self all over again to eventually make one single item again.

I had to embrace the darkness to see my light… hence the inspo of light and darkness with dear dawcy. It started with one piece of jewelry. Then the flood gets opened and I knew I was healing. I would be ok. My mojo came back. It took a long break but it came back. Sometimes you need to left yourself leave your life for a while to come back together again. It happened. I did it. This is a happy beautiful beginning, ending and story even though it was at times very ugly and rough…

I just launched the dear dawcy shop online. It is up now! This time with self care as priority, creation and the pure love of it, entering that flow state to create and just making whatever I want to! Whatever feels good to me right now. My goal is always growth; personal, creative and in life and business. I want to do more courses to enhance my skills to make more in depth pieces, like cnc laser cutting, embroidery, pottery, and 3d design and eventually get back to making clothing again with a shop offering jewelry, ritual self care bath and beauty products, decor, art AND clothing because that’s what I love to do. Make things that make people feel good. Makers gonna make.

I hope you enjoy! You can find me at the night markets every Thursday in St. John’s organized by Scout all summer, the Some Good Markets in Brigus on Sundays or when I deliver to you locally in St. John’s from the web store, or on a hammock break in my yard in between making items for the shop.

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