It’s a thing!

I did a thing. I started arn narn bake shop. You will have to read why I called it arn narn on my Facebook page…. It’s a vintage cabin vibe themed mini bake shop with colourful cronuts. I used to be Montreal’s Cronut Queen when I worked at a friend from my business start up program’s cupcake and cake shop Dliche after I closed the store. I loved that job!

An old lady used to come line up in the line on Cronut days and would get ten each week. When warned about the health affects of living off cronuts she said she was old enough to eat whatever she wanted and to go out however she chose. Ok. Agreed. Fandom appreciated. I think of her a lot. We did plain there but over time I invented some special ones…

I think I nailed a coconut cream pie version, it is gonna be addictive and with all our travels in Europe this summer I fell for Ireland’s banoffee pie and made my own Cronut version.

I’m only one lady with two hands so it’s a first come first serve and limited quantity kinda thing for local market events. I’ll be doing three kinds each event. You’ll have to follow to try them all! ( I also run a few side businesses so it’s a not a regular event.)

I searched for a meditative solution when I was deciding on a product to offer. Baking being a meditation for me. And for the business structure of where to sell…I wanted to be surrounded by local entrepreneurs to feel that vibe of being in Quartier Mode in Montreal. The strength in numbers aspect and the getting inspired by others and supporting local. I’m excited to build a following and to share!

It’s been an idea for a while but here it is. I made the logo thinking of my glamorous grandma at the cabin in her cool retro outfits, swimming across the pond in her vintage swimsuit and a plastic bath cap with plastic flowed all over it, synchronized swimmer chin strap and all. The hat is my grandfather’s fishing cap. He passed it on to my sister and we had turns making it a fashion trend in the 90s. It is a fond memory. When I listened to my intuition to really do it, I was in Livingston, New York this summer walking down the one strip of local businesses in middle America with deer bounding out of the thick forest and passing an actual tire swing hanging over a babbling Brooke off to one side of me with a gorgeous local coffee in a white paper cup and a hip logo stamp, the place had a rustic chic, in the know, food hipster, cabin porn, locally made, brilliant aesthetic that just got me. I ran into a friend’s father eating cronuts out of a paper bag on the strip, he was so excited to have discovered them. Glee. I wanted to bring them home! I wanted to make people that happy to discover my cronuts! So it dawned on me, just do it!

My first event is coming up! The Some Good market have taken me in. The pressure is on. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve come up with with and to be out feeding the people again!

Because it’ll be the week of Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking one kind with have to be my donut croissant version of the 80s ice cream on a stick strawberry short cake, it’s pink!!!

Arn narn bakeshop logo Some good market event

About Tiffany Elton

I am all about home, happiness & cake. I love supporting local design, art, food entrepreneurs and travel. I am a serial entrepreneur, I run Arn Narn Bake Shop, Dawcy & Ella clothing, Dear Dawcy accessories and Ella eco. bath & beauty.
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