Seaside Apparel are making a house bus!

Mini homes, eco houses, Hobbit homes, house boats, mobile homes and bus conversion homes have always been a thing for me, I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to it. The idea that a low cost, mortgage free option might be out there and totally customizable has always appealed to me. I follow this stuff; I love this stuff. I day dream about putting solar panels in my A frame self built mini home and my trailer apothecary shop for Dear Dawcy.

I have been big into and absolutely loving what Scout mobile shop has been doing in her pretty pink fashion filled camper van. The overhead costs of running a store front I know can be crippling. Local businesses are coming up with great ways to remain vibrant creative and successful parts of our economy recognizing the changes in their industries and are adapting to those changes in wonderful ways.

With the Vendors Association started now I expect fun events with a convoy of exciting trucks coming to give us local quality food and goods. I dream of a regular venue like in Berlin where these trucks congregate in a parking lot regularly with a band stand and people out socializing, spending money and being happy, connected members of our community shopping local and eating yummy foods made from local produce by local businesses. This is what healthy communities do after all!

So imagine my excitement when I found out one of our local vendors I chit chat with at markets is doing a bus conversion? To live in. Yes, two of our local vendors are flipping a bus right now to turn into a mobile home and you can follow their story online! They will have the ability to travel further and to reach more markets! Follow along at @usandgusthebus on Instagram. The bus’ name is Gus.

Trevor and Charlotte run Seaside apparel; a clothing line made from recycled plastics that may other wise end up in or were already in the sea. This alone is excellent work. While in India I saw rivers running thick with plastic, no water to be seen in an otherwise potentially beautiful sight to see. Only plastic moving downstream, squat together, squeaking apocalypticly and eerily moving where water should be seen.

As someone who has worked in the production processes of fast fashion over the years on and off, I know first hand the damaging effects of mass production without consequence or environmental responsibility.

It isn’t here yet in our streams to this level but it is infesting waterways around the world to massive levels and our oceans are connected and I care and want to preserve our seas and swimming holes so preventative measures by Seaside Apparel or anyone are heroic to me. Plus they are a local business, plus they plan on converting a second bus if this one goes well to help their initiative to remove plastic from our waterways. I’m enjoying following their story and getting the updates when I see them at markets!

They can set up a mobile recycle centre that will convert plastics to the raw material that makes the fibres that can be used to make clothing. The technology is here, seeing more people moving to embrace the technology at our disposable for the betterment of planet earth makes me very happy.

Seeing local businesses adapting to the the changing world around us and being environmentally responsible and thriving makes me even happier!

About Tiffany Elton

I am all about home, happiness & cake. I love supporting local design, art, food entrepreneurs and travel. I am a serial entrepreneur, I run Arn Narn Bake Shop, Dawcy & Ella clothing, Dear Dawcy accessories and Ella eco. bath & beauty.
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