The Bath teas!

I’d had it in mind for a while to do a beautiful bath tea. Botanicals have been used for thousands of years in beauty rituals around the world and for good reason. You can also use it as a facial steam. My clients pushed me to get this out more quickly! You’re life partners weren’t pleased with the full flowers from the bath salts in your tubs! I got some of you in a wee bit of trouble. But since we all deserve to bathe like cleopatra in flowers, I ordered a machine to blend the botanicals in the bath salts down now for future batches and I made the bath teas!

A healing bath tea. 100% natural powerful botanical bath additive. It can be used with the bath salt soak for more power or alone for a soothing bath.

Steep in hot bath water using the tea bag provided or go full flower and just dump in and soak like the goddess you are. 

Ingredients: The base contains green, rooibos, marshmallow root and tulsi tea with added botanicals to suite the intention.

Green tea has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties effective in treating acne. The polyphenols help reduce sebum secretion, which can lead to acne and effectively destroy free radicals and help slow down the ageing process. Rooibos is rich in alpha hydroxy and zinc – both important nutrients for healthy skin. Zinc heals wounds, protects against UV rays and has anti-inflammatory properties, which could alleviate acne and sunburn. Marshmallow root has been used as a healing herb for centuries also with anti-inflammatory properties great for soothing skin irritations. Tulsi tea aka holy basil used in skin care for its medicinal qualities full of vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and phyto nutrients, Tulsi is an important tool from nature for healthy skin and hair. Yes, don’t forget to dunk your hair!

That’s just the base of each product:

Choose from HEAL: chamomile, LOVE: rose and hibiscus, CALM: lavender and chamomile, EMPOWER: calendula, BANISH: jasmine and blue corn flower. 

LOVE has rose & hibiscus as the key botanical ingredient which helps to clear toxins and reduce inflammation, hibiscus assists to regenerate skin cell, prevent breakout and purify your skin. Hibiscus also helps with growing longer, stronger, lustrous hair.

BANISH has jasmine as the key botanical ingredient and blue corn flower. Jasmine is known to nourish skin, help even skin tone, and protect skin from environmental stressors providing natural moisture. Blue corn flower is an added skin soother and skin conditioner. 

CALM has lavender is the key botanical ingredient known for soothing the mind AND the skin. It is good for reducing redness and inflammation of the skin. Good for eczema and other skin conditions. It balances your skin’s moisture barrier, so that it isn’t too oily or too dry. Lavender also heals injured skin with beneficial phytochemicals, making it equally useful for battling signs of premature aging. Antioxidants fight free radical damage. 

EMPOWER has Calendula as the key botanical ingredient known as the herb of the sun. It is anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving rash. It’s also used as an antiseptic. It promotes firmness, cell regeneration, skin hydration and stimulates collagen production.

HEAL has chamomile as the key botanical ingredient which has many powerful healing skin properties: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and contains essential oils and antioxidants, it is hypoallergenic and helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals.

To avoid shipping costs on The Ritual Botanicals series you can get it at up coming market events, or local delivery in St. John’s & surrounding areas on orders over $40 by typing “Local Delivery” in the Company Name feild on your order shipping info section and you can always send to for help. 

About Tiffany Elton

I am all about home, happiness & cake. I love supporting local design, art, food entrepreneurs and travel. I am a serial entrepreneur, I run Arn Narn Bake Shop, Dawcy & Ella clothing, Dear Dawcy accessories and Ella eco. bath & beauty.
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