Happy Earth Day!

It is not mystery this mess we’re in… Earth Day this year means so much more. The global consciousness is changing, we are changing, the earth is changing…it marks a moment to make a check list of the things we will take with us moving forward to protect our environment, our planet, our home now and therefore ourselves and to prevent more damage and unprecedented events. And to celebrate our practises of the things we are already doing! To share them, and to pass it on. I think we all realized this year with the unprecedented major snow storm and state of emergency here at home in Newfoundland and now the global pandemic.

We see how fragile and how valuable our earth really is. I am thinking of everyone and sending out healing vibes to our mother earth, your homes and your lives on this planet.

I want to celebrate this day every year moving forward as I change an re-evalaute what days are most imporant to me and which ones from a business stand point to make notable days to have as sale days… I won’t be doing the traditional sales days… I’ll be doing earth day and the soltices and equinoxes and days that are imporant to me…

So here is a HAPPY EARTH DAY promo for 20% off my shop www.deardawcy.com. Just use promo code EARTHDAY2020 at checkout starting at 12am to 12 pm April 22nd for Earth Day! See the email that went out here...




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