Currently I am in transition, working on a new business plan and recently travelling Europe for two months with my mother and my 28 year old brother who has advanced Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and is in a wheelchair. Life is in transition as is the blog….Content on my blog will reflect this.


My name is Tiffany Elton, I started focusing Quartier Mode: Fashion Neighbourhood as a directory and blog of stories on independent design and businesses after closing my store front “Quartier Mode” in Montreal. As a store owner I saw big changes in the industry and as a fashion designer I saw the ways I could better support local designers…. sharing their stories.

I started out as a hairstylist, then went on to study fashion design and fashion marketing and have worked for some of Canada’s largest clothing retailers. I came into my own producing locally for my own collections. After a long career in Montreal and a gig on the board of directors for Made in Montreal.

I am now living in Newfoundland with the same passion to boost local at home. I believe in local. Not just fashion,  local decor, local art, local beauty products, local food, local entrepreneurs: Supporting local businesses for sustainability, environmentally for reducing our carbon imprint, culturally for a strong artistic and creative community and because I am proud of all these people and I believe in big dreams.

I will be launching a new venture shortly after spending some time focused on home & happiness, recording and playing shows with my band The Damned Lovely including an album and getting back to designing my own lines and more fun stuff…..wait for iiiit!

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