Currently I am working on a new collection for dear dawcy , my own creations.

I am rolling out new items regularly now! This is news! I spent years creating for others companies. I am happy to be making my ideas for me out of the love of creation.

Life is in transition as is the blog so content on my blog will reflect this. If you like musings on maintaining a creative business while actively healing and growing and trying to manage self love and care, and discovering and celebrating other local businesses and artists, you will like this blog.  


My name is Tiffany Elton, I started focusing Quartier Mode: Fashion Neighbourhood (this blog) as a directory and blog of stories on independent design and businesses after closing my store front “Quartier Mode” in Montreal. As a store owner I saw big changes in the industry and as a fashion designer and textile artist I saw the ways I could better support local designers…. sharing their stories.

I started out in hairstyling and aesthetics, then went on to study fashion design and fashion marketing and have worked for some of Canada’s largest clothing retailers. I came into my own producing locally for my own collections and shop and through the Quartier Mode community of designers in Montreal. So much love!

Even still after much success and like many others I burned out and I crashed. I am re- emerging from a four year hiatus. I had a complete break down, physically and mentally. With a diagnosis of C-PTSD and dissociative disorder and all its accoutrements,  I went through four years of education and focusing entirely on healing back home in Newfoundland. I am happy to say my “mojo” recently came back! The flood gates just opened!! It took work and it’s been a rocky road. This time I aim to maintain my line without all the wheels I turned, and hats I wore and to do it more simply and entirely for the love.

Still with the same passion to boost local; I believe in local. Not just fashion,  local decor, local art, local beauty products, local food, local entrepreneurs: Supporting local businesses for sustainability, environmentally for reducing our carbon imprint, culturally for a strong artistic and creative community and because I am proud of all these people and I believe in big dreams.

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