“Olga” came from the idea that every woman has many sides to herself. Here is one woman and three completely different looks using local design.Video: Carol Ribeiro & Jera Cravo, Model: Christine Wight aka Olga Bear, Styling, Hair & Make up: Tiffany Elton, Clothing: Carol Ribeiro, dawcy & ella, Birds of North America, Lustre, Citizen Vintage.

Our Spring/Summer 2013 Video: Featuring the Rooster dress by Birds of North America, Video: Carol Riberio, Camera: Jera Cravo, Model: Anabel of Dulcedo, Hair & Makeup: Alexandra Apple, Styling: Tiffany Elton.

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A look at Collection no.1 by dawcy & ella made for Quartier Mode Boutique. Video by Carol Ribeiro, Camera: Jera Cravo, Styling: Tiffany Elton, Model: Masha from Dulcedo, Make up: Patricia Lapointe.

Our Fall/Winter 2013 Video featuring Remy & Mercy. Video by Derek Branscombe, Model: Vicky Beaulieu, Team: Anaise Camilien, Karen Vaquilar, Make up: Patricia Lapointe, Styling: Tiffany Elton.

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Shopstyles at Quartier Mode by Carol Ribeiro. A look at a style blog series for Quartier Mode blog: A look at how everyday women style themselves featuring their own outfit and other outfits using items in the store based on their personal style. Featuring local hairstylist Alexandra Apple, stylist Karine Brisson, store owner Tiffany Elton.

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We went to the Lachine Canal near the Atwater Market in Montreal to shoot our Summer 2013 fashion film for Quartier Mode. Video by Carol Ribeiro and Jera Cravo, Clothing by Jordan de Ruiter, Scarf J.J. Louis, Styling, Hair and Make up by Tiffany Elton, Model: Florence of Ducledo.

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